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U7 Modified Rules

Prospect Soccer Club's Official Under 7 Playing Recommendations

Law 1 - The Field of Play:
Dimensions: The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touchline must be greater than the length of the goal line.

Length: minimum 25 yards maximum 35 yards
Width: minimum 20 yards maximum 30 yards

Suggested Field Markings: Distinctive lines not more than (5) inches wide. The field of play is divided into two halves by a halfway line. The center mark is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of four (4) yards is marked around it.

Suggested Goal Area:
 A goal box starting one (1) yard out from each goal post and extending into the field of play three (3) yards.

The Penalty Area: None.
Flag posts: None.
The Corner Arc: None.

Goals: Goals must be placed on the center of each goal line. They consist of two upright posts equidistant from the corners and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. The recommended distance between the posts is eighteen (18) feet and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is six (6) feet. Goals may be smaller in dimension. (Four (4) feet high by six (6) feet wide portable goals.)
Law 2 - The Ball: Size three (3).

Law 3 - The Number of Players:
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not less than three (3) players and not more than five (5) players. (Four (4) players recommended.) There are no goalkeepers.

Substitutions: At any stoppage and unlimited.
Playing time: Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time. Teams and games may be coed.
Law 4 - The Players Equipment:
Shinguards, knee-high socks, soccer cleats and water. Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must still distinguish teams.

Law 5 - The Referee:
 A parent, coach or referee in training may be used.

Law 6 - The Assistant Referees:

Law 7 - The Duration of the Match:
The match shall be divided into four (4) equal, ten (10) minute quarters. There shall be a two (2) minute break between quarters one and two and another two (2) minute break between quarters three and four. There shall be a halftime interval of five (5) minutes. There will be no switching sides of the playing field at end of quarters or halftime.

Law 8 - The Start and Restart of Play:
Conform to FIFA, with the exception of the opponents of the team taking the kick-off are at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Law 9 - The Ball In and Out of Play:
The ball is out of play when: It has wholly crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air or when play has been stopped by the referee. Ball is in play at all other times.
Law 10 - The Method of Scoring:
A goal is scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line. Goals cannot be scored from behind the mid field line. Scores and standings are not kept.

Law 11 - Offside: None.

Law 12 - Fouls and Misconduct:
Conform to FIFA with the exception that all fouls shall result in an indirect free kick. The referee/coach/parent must explain all infringements to the offending player. No slide tackles to be allowed in this age group.

Law 13 - Free Kicks:
Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents are at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Law 14 - The Penalty Kick:

Law 15 - The Throw-In:
A throw-in is awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when the whole of the ball crosses the touch line, either on the ground or in the air.

Law 16 - The Goal Kick:
The goal kick should be taken within 2-3 yards of the goal line anywhere across the width of the field of play at the nearest point from where the ball was retrieved. Opposing players must be four (4) yards away from the ball until it is in play.

Law 17 - The Corner Kick:
Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents remain at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

Additional recommendations:
Spectator and team benches should be on opposite sides of the field. Parents must stand along the touchline and MAY NOT stand behind the goal.  Coaches will operate from the sideline all season
.  This will encourage player development, decision making and teamwork.

Coaches should make every attempt to keep scrimmages and games close.

In keeping with the spirit of the game, defenders should move up and down the field with the flow of play. While great latitude is awarded coaches in exercising this rule, the intent is to keep teams from "parking" a player(s) in their own defensive end, regardless of ball location, to act as a goalkeeper or sweeper.


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